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Serhii Kovalenko – instructor of foreign languages department, shares his impressions of studying abroad: “We came here on September, 29. The “ALEXANDRU IOAN CUZA” UNIVERSITY in IA. It is the biggest in Romania and has over 40 000 students. There are other universities in this country with 20-25 000 students.

стажування Коваленко

We have Erasmus Students from 28 countries and the total number is about two hundred.

стажування Коваленко11

Erasmus coordinators keep organizing trips for us. One can go and spend Halloween days in Transilvania, ski in the mountains or visit some castles and other places of interest.

The hostel we live in is called GUDEAMUS and looks more like a hotel with a lot of cameras from the inside and outside and it has a restaurant as well.

стажування Коваленко

I am here for some research in Marketing at the faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEAA) which has about 9 000 students, two buildings, a library, a reading hall, AIESEC community and it’s own League.

They have 18 subjects in BA and Finance and Risc Management taught in English here this semester.

The University is in TOP-100 world universities and it is possible to visit a lecture given by some well-known scientists such as John Perkins and others.”