Уманського державного педагогічного університету імені Павла Тичини


The scientific work of Foreign Languages Department is based on fundamental and applied researches in the spheres of Romans and Germanic philology, general linguistics, methods of teaching of foreign languages, contrastive linguistics, and contrastive pedagogics, psychological and pedagogical problems.

The professors of Foreign Languages Department carry out the scientific researches of 3 complex topics (“The Adaptive System of Teaching Foreign Languages in Nonlinguistic Establishments” (state registration number – 0111U007543), “Actual Questions of Foreign Philology and Lingvomethodology” (state registration number – 0111U007550), “The Creation of Teaching Foreign Languages Content on Languages Departments” (state registration number – 0111U007527) and 38 individual topics.


The priority directions of scientific activity of Foreign Languages Department include:

  • forming and training of teachers of higher qualification;
  • the completion of planned research work;
  • increase of the level of quality of research job which is executed on the Department within the limits of working hours;
  • preparation of scientific publications on the basis of scientific researches;
  • fundamental and applied researches of young scientists;
  • research work of students, their preparation to competitions; work with gifted young people;
  • the organization of international, all-Ukrainian, regional scientific conferences, seminars, competitions on the basis of Foreign Languages Department and the participation of teachers in the conferences of different level out of the university;
  • scientific collaboration with leading research establishments of Ukrainian National Academy of Science, Ukrainian National Academy of Pedagogical Science, with other higher educational establishments;
  • international scientific cooperation of departments, scientific collaboration with foreign organizations, participation in international grants.

Foreign Languages Department has permanent scientific collaboration with higher eductional establishments of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Donetsk, Gorlivka, Cherkasy, Zhytomyr and other cities of Ukraine, the collaboration with the Laboratory of Teaching Foreign Languages and the Laboratory of Comparative Pedagogics of Ukrainian National Academy of Pedagogical Science, British Council, University of Limoges (France), European Collegium of Adam Mickiewich University (Poznan, Poland), A.S. Pushkin Brest State University (Brest, Belarus), Philological Department of State Higher Professional School (Poland, Plozk), Tomsk Polytechnic University (Tomsk, Russian), Jan Dlugosh Academy (Chenstohov, Poland), Jan Pavlo ІІ European Collegium  (Leshno, Poland), Higher Managerian School (Leshno, Poland).

Scientific traditions of Foreign Languages Department are developed in The Regional Center of Teaching Foreign Languages and two laboratories: “The Laboratory of Teaching Foreign Languages” and “The Laboratory of Comparative Pedagogics”.

Foreign Languages Department is paid considerable attention to the scientific work of students who take part in conferences, seminars, etc. The department publishes the annual magazine with scientific researches of young investigators.